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What’s your AI roadmap?

AI & Data core services

There are small and big ways to implement AI into your work and company. Have you been incubating how to work smarter not harder? Would you like to move that dream AI project from daydream to reality? We’re here to help

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Workshop + Custom Build

Step 1: Your AI Roadmap Workshop: We bring together your stakeholders to align the vision and define goals

Step 2: Retainer: Clarity AI executes the work with our proprietary stack of AI and human work

Step 3: Reporting and Iteration: Clarity AI prepares regular reporting of goals, progress, and pivots if necessary. We’re data-driven in and out to make sure we’re going in the right direction

Your AI Roadmap Workshop

When is the last time you’ve sat down with your stakeholders to align on your strategy for your AI and data strategy?

Most of the companies we work with are flying: product, sales, engineering sprints, and customer work.

But that nagging question remains: What is our AI strategy? Will AI disrupt or help our business?

Let’s address it and create a roadmap! We bring stakeholders into a room (or Zoom!), go through the Clarity AI framework, and document goals, action items, and who is going to execute what and in what timeframe. It might be a comprehensive AI solution to solve a big painpoint or a lightweight high impact solution. You’ll leave this workshop with a clear picture of where the AI and data straregy of the company is heading and how it’ll get done.

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Technical Review

Our Technical Review services offer a thorough evaluation of your existing technology infrastructure and systems, providing expert insights and recommendations to enhance performance, security, and alignment with your business goals.

project examples

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Our experts collaborate with key stakeholders to develop a strategic automation plan, aligning with business goals, assessing current processes, selecting the right tools, and establishing success metrics to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive transformative business success.

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Data Cleaning & Organizing

Data cleaning and organizing services specialize in refining and structuring datasets to ensure accuracy, consistency, and usability for effective analysis and decision-making.

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Data Lakes

Our data lake creation services expertly triangulate diverse data sources, organizing and managing them for streamlined access and analysis, empowering businesses with informed decision-making and strategic insights.

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Dashboards and Apps

We provide customized data solutions including intuitive dashboards and interactive reports, detailed nitty gritty and birds-eye-view options, along with health checks and performance-enhancing recommendations, to ensure your data insights are perfectly aligned with your business’s evolving needs and key performance indicators.

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Digital Twins

Digital twins are advanced, virtual models that replicate real-world entities or systems, enabling in-depth analysis, prediction, and optimization through real-time data and simulation.

ImmerseMe mockup Augmented Reality with Play red button and woman in bakery
Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR)
Mixed Reality services blend virtual and augmented reality technologies to create immersive experiences where digital and physical worlds interact, enhancing various applications from entertainment to industrial design.
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Responsible AI

Responsible AI services focus on developing artificial intelligence systems that are ethical, transparent, and fair, ensuring accountability and mitigating biases in AI applications.

Stack Optimization
Stack Optimization

Stack optimization services specialize in enhancing and streamlining technology stacks, ensuring efficient integration and operation of software and hardware systems for optimal performance and scalability.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning services offer expertise in developing and implementing algorithms that enable computers to learn from and make decisions based on data, enhancing automation and predictive capabilities in various applications.

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We leverage sensors (LIDAR, edge, etc) to seamlessly incorporate advanced data systems into your business operations, enhance data collection, monitor capabilities, and drive efficiency through smart, connected solutions.

D3 Visualizations

An image can speak a thousand words. Sometimes all you truly need is an effective visualization to encapsulate an idea or project. We make stellar visualizations

Bar Graphs Analytics

Analytics services provide comprehensive data analysis, utilizing advanced tools and techniques to derive actionable insights and inform strategic decisions across various industries.

“Even though it’s called ‘artificial intelligence,’ it’s made by people. It’s built by people. It’s deployed by people.”

Dr. Fei-Fei Li

AI Researcher and Co-Founder, AI4ALL

“Thinking you’re late to AI today is like thinking you’re late to the internet in 1996”

Matt Turck

Managing Director, FirstMark


Shopify Integrations

Database management
Technical Documentation

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Technical Investor Support

Due Diligence Meetings
Technical Consultations
Document Preparation
Slide Deck Curation
Project Gantt Charts
Interactive Modeling

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Research Services

Market and Product Research
Competitive Analyses
Business Deck
Comprehensive Reporting

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Data and Legal Compliance

Carbon Footprint Tracking
Data Privacy and Security

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Our work integrates with robotics services and provides core infrastructure for partnership with robotics operations

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Your Dreams
The projects and services examples listed here are far from comprehensive. Our team is constantly upskilling with curiousity and verve. If you’re dreaming up more, so are we


“This is even better than Christmas.

At AI software proposal review meeting

William Layton

Founder, Agria

“This is our fairy tale moment for the business.”

Dina Marie Loudenslager

COO, Wood and Stoane

“Joan is incredible to work for, and with. Driven by data and powered by empathy, she is a powerhouse.

Kayla Pitts

Head of Marketing, Women in Voice

“She brings an optimism to every team she works with while also being able to be direct and helpful in raising everyone’s digital IQ.”

Steven Hansen

CTO, Scalar

“Joan is professional, technical, and goal-driven. In addition to Joan’s technical skills, she is adept at conveying technical knowledge to non-specialists.”

Dr. Josh Meyer

Co-Founder, Coqui

“Her understanding of people’s needs was outstanding. She is a good listener and pays attention to the details.

Tamar Brown El

Accountant, Women in Voice


Everything we build today is bespoke and custom to customers. We’ve been getting plenty of questions. Here are some of the most common

Price: How much does this cost?

Today, we make custom quotes. We’ve build things that cost $8,000, $50k, and $2.53M. That’s a pretty big range! We like building what is practical and needed. As long as you have a budget, we’d love to talk

Speed: How fast can you build it?

Prices and complexity of builds impact the speed. If you’ve got an escalatory timeline, let us know and we will see if we can meet your deadline